Oppo R9 takes over Apple iPhone to occupy the top position in China

Oppo R9

Oppo R9 has overtaken Apple iPhone to occupy the first position in China after a gap of 5 years. The Cupertino-based company’s smartphone has been the number one selling device in China since 2012.

In short, you can say that iPhone was the undisputed leader since 2012. According to a report published by Counterpoint Research, the Oppo R9 has taken over Apple iPhone to climb to the first spot.

The report reveals that Oppo managed to sell nearly 17 million R9 handsets in China during the whole 2016. If you calculate the figures, you will know that this accounts for around 4% of the overall market share. When it comes to Apple, the company managed to sell only 12 million units of the iPhone 6s, which is roughly 2% of the total market share.

Regarding shipments, the Oppo handsets sold out like hot cakes with an increase of 106%. However, the shipments of Apple declined by 21%. Oppo has been doing aggressive campaigns for past several months and opened exclusive stores across India. With advertisements in both digital and print mediums, Oppo is fast becoming a leader in the smartphone segment.

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