OnePlus Power Bank Silicone Case Review: Bang for the buck designed with durability in mind

OnePlus Power Bank Silicone Case

Power bank is a valuable gadget, which you should keep in stock when you are either at home or travelling. OnePlus has manufactured an excellent power bank using you will be able to charge smartphones and tablets easily. However, just like smartphones, you need to protect the power bank from dust and other damages caused as a result of dropping accidentally.

OnePlus Power Bank Silicone Case is a specially designed and manufactured product exclusively for OnePlus Power Bank. We recently purchased the case directly from OnePlus for Rs. 1 as part of December 2016 dash sale.

Box Contents

  • OnePlus Power Bank Silicone Case – Blue color
  • Plastic cover

OnePlus Power Bank Silicone Case

OnePlus Power Bank Silicone Case: Packaging

The case has been packed nicely in a hard plastic transparent cover with OnePlus logo on the front. On the rear, you will find a yellow sticker with barcode and white label with details, pricing information and manufacturer details.

OnePlus Power Bank Silicone Case: Design

The OnePlus Power Bank Silicone Case will be compatible only with OnePlus power banks. Right now, we don’t have the power bank with us. Hence, we are unable to show you the case with power bank inside.

The first impression of the case is that it looks excellent. We can say that the design of the case looks premium. You can surely expect high-quality finish since the case is directly manufactured by OnePlus.

The interior and exterior of the case look premium with soft finish coupled with the Blue color, which looks awesome. Furthermore, the case regains its shape easily even if we alter the case in any way.

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OnePlus Power Bank Silicone Case

The case looks soft to touch but it feels hard to our hands. Moreover, the case is designed in a rubberized manner, which provides adequate grip to your hands. The case is primarily designed to prevent falls. Hence, your OnePlus power bank will always be protected even if it falls on the floor.

OnePlus Power Bank Silicone Case:

On the top side, you will be able to see the required slot cuttings for two USB and charging port. You can charge your power bank with the case. There is no need for you to take the power bank outside to charge. The top right-hand side of the case has a traditional OnePlus logo engraved on it. The bottom portion of the rear side bears the content “Designed by OnePlus”.


If you have OnePlus Power Bank, you should buy the exclusive Silicone Case available on the official online website of the company. The case looks soft and premium. The retail price of the case is Rs. 399 but you can buy the product for Rs. 279. The OnePlus Power Bank Silicone Case is currently out of stock on the official website but you should check the site regularly for the availability. We highly recommend the case because of its excellent build quality and durability.

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