Elephone dual 360-degree panoramic camera makes your phone a Virtual Reality recorder

Elephone dual 360-degree panoramic camera

It is not necessary for you to buy third-party equipment to record your life into VR video. With Elephone dual 360-degree panoramic camera, you will be able to transform your phone to a VR recorder.

You just need to establish connectivity with the Elephone dual 360-degree panoramic camera. After establishing connection, your smartphone will be completely compatible to deliver 360-degree images and VR ready videos. Moreover, the panoramic camera also enables you to share content instantly including the ability to perform live streaming.

The Elephone dual 360-degree panoramic camera can be easily placed in your pocket because it is designed in a portable and light structure. Hence, you will be able to travel without any burden on your luggage. According to Elephone, the dual 360-degree panoramic camera looks small but captures and collects all.

Elephone dual 360-degree panoramic camera is equipped with two 360-degree fish-eye lens sensors, which enables you to deliver immersive virtual reality experience. You will be able to capture stunning VR videos even if you are a thousand miles away.

With the help of dual 360-degree panoramic camera manufactured by Elephone, you are not just recording images of life. Instead, you are shooting the real experience of every precious moment. You should note that Virtual Reality is not an easy task, but with the dual 360-degree camera the whole work will be an icing on the cake.

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