Google Allo disappears from the Top 500 apps on Google Play

Google Allo

Google Allo, the much hyped all released by the search engine giant in 2016 is facing rapid decline. Based on reports, the Google Allo app doesn’t feature in top 500 on Google Play in the United States. The experiment done by the Google to simplify messaging by integrating Google Assistant hasn’t attracted the masses to a large extent.

According to data released by App Annie, Google Allo has sharply declined from the top 500 apps since November 2016. If the trend continues, you can expect more decline in the overall market share of the app. A graph released by the App research company reveals several blank spaces with yellow color denoting communications app ranking. The red color depicts ranking of Applications and Blue signifies the overall rank.

Google Allo

If you look at the figures of Google Allo in India, the app no longer features in the top 500 app list as of January 2017. It seems that people are only used to WhatsApp and not yet familiar with Google Allo.

Google Allo

In December 2016, Google introduced Hindi version of Google Assistant. During the launch, Amit Fulay, Group Product Manager at Google had disclosed that the Google Allo is one of the trending apps in India with tremendous response. Moreover, India has the largest number of Google Allo users.

Meanwhile, a popular news agency revealed that the Google Allo was in the top 200 slot till November end but it declined sharply since December. Recently, Google integrated a Lucky chatbot, which enables users to make use of the GIF images based on the requirements. To work with the chatbot, you only need to type @lucky in the app followed by the phrase you would like to search.

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It remains to be seen as to how Google Allo will perform in the upcoming months. We expect Google to integrate Google Allo into Android Nougat. If Google ships future Nougat versions with Google Allo, the app will gain more popularity. Moreover, Google should work with smartphone companies to infuse Google Allo into their Android platforms such as MIUI (Xiaomi) and EUI (LeEco).

Source: NDTV

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