Elephone S8 concept phone with 6-inch FHD bezel-free display expected to launch in Q2 2017

Elephone S8

Elephone S8 concept phone with 6-inch FHD bezel-free display will launch within the next few months. According to sources, Elephone will soon unveil the world’s third tri-sided bezel-free phone dubbed as Elephone S8.

The highlight of the upcoming Elephone S8 is the integration of a brilliant backcover, which not only looks premium but also scratch-resistant. According to Elephone, the high-quality finish is achieved through a new feat of design engineering, which is remarkably precise. Furthermore, the handset is designed using 15-step process of lumia wave making.

The product team at Elephone managed to access a prototype model of the handset from the manufacturing plant. Talking about the specifications, the Elephone S8 will feature a large 6-inch FHD bezel-free display. Moreover, you can also extend the storage capacity up to 128GB. The company sources revealed to us that the display is crazy beautiful.

Upon inspection of the leaked renders, we can clearly spot the presence of a physical home button on the front. However, we are not sure as to whether the button provides an integrated fingerprint sensor. You will have to wait for few more days until there is a credible confirmation from the company sources. That said, the display looks rich, vibrant, colorful and attractive.

Why not you wait for few more days to know more information about the camera and fingerprint sensor? We don’t have any information about other internal specifications and it remains a mystery.

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