Brainwavz Krudul Duo earphone storage accessory launched at Rs 1199

Krudul Duo

Brainwavz has launched Krudul Duo earphone storage accessory consisting of Krudul Monitor and Krudul Vertical. They are used to store your valuable earphones in an innovative and creative manner. Touted as an earphone management system, the Krudul Monitor and Krudul Vertical enables you to store earphones alongside your monitor, laptop, desk space or workstation.

Manufactured from die-cast aluminum, the Krudul Monitor and Krudul Vertical attaches onto the surface using a 3M VHB, which is a strong double-sided acrylic foam tape making the Krudul Duo a trusty and dependable earphone hanging solution.

According to company sources, the Krudal Duo is sold as a pair and are designed to keep your earphones safe and secure in a practical and convenient manner. If you are looking to store your earphones when not in use, you should probably make use of Krudal Monitor and Krudal Vertical since they are accessible and safe.

Krudul Monitor

You can affix Krudal Monitor behind a monitor, or vertical back surface area. It enables you to hand your earphones by their workstation, keeping your space clean and tidy and your earphones safe and secure. Some of the features included with the product are self-adhesive, all-metal design, sleek, stylish including tangle free storage. The weight of the monitor is just 32 grams.

Krudul Vertical

Krudul Vertical can be affixed to most vertical surfaces, which enables you to store earphones in a safe and secure manner. You can use the Krudul Vertical either inside the house or even in your car to store your earphones efficiently and conveniently. The features are same as Krudal Monitor except the fact that it attaches anywhere as you wish. Moreover, the weight of the accessory is 33 grams, which is higher than Krudal Monitor by 1 gram.

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You can buy Krudul Monitor and Krudal Vertical at Rs. 1199 with a two-year warranty either from or Amazon India and Flipkart.

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