WhatsApp version 2.17.44 beta brings in Android 7.0 Nougat Unicode 9.0 emojis

WhatsApp version 2.17.44

WhatsApp version 2.17.44 beta has been refreshed with Unicode 9.0 emojis borrowed from Android 7.0 Nougat. In 2016, the new set of emojis were rolled out to iOS and Android. However, WhatsApp doesn’t update the mobile app with the fresh emojis and now want to bring them to all users. The new emojis will be available on WhatsApp version 2.17.44 beta irrespective of Android version.

At the time of writing, the emojis are available only from within the beta app, but you can soon expect the rollout of new emojis in the stable release. While Apple had included the Unicode 9.0 emojis along with iOS 10.2, the search-engine giant has bundled them with Android 7.1 Nougat.

Based on Unicode 9.0, the fresh set of emojis includes a wide range of emoticons and objects such as a clown, an avocado, a girl and a boy doing a facepalm and a shrug, a butterfly, bacon, a nauseated face, a new dancing boy including a whiskey glass. Moreover, you will also find new emojis based on various professions.

Based on the latest data, the overall market share of Android Nougat is only 0.1 percent of all the Android smartphones on the market. Those customers who had purchase Google Pixel, Pixel XL and few premium smartphones only have access to Android Nougat. Moreover, Samsung will integrate Android Nougat into the upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

If you install the update, you will be able to experience a wide range of emojis. To download WhatsApp version 2.17.44 beta, navigate to Google Play Store, visit the app’s listing and complete the steps mentioned inside Become a beta tester option. You will be able to download the WhatsApp beta app after you enter the beta testing mode.

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