Kinematix Inks Partnership with Titan Commerce to distribute TUNE in Germany


Kinematix in association with Titan Commerce has announced that they will work together to distribute TUNE in Germany. The announcement was made during at a joint press conference at the ISPO conference in Munich. According to the company sources, the new partnership will expand Wearable market leadership in Germany to enable the runners unlock their full potential in such a way that it will run smart.

Commenting on the development, Harald Baums, Managing Director at Titan Commerce disclosed that for the past several years Titan Commerce has been successfully distributing Bio-/Neurofeedback products. When we saw TUNE, we knew it would be a great fit for our distribution portfolio.

Our vision is to represent Kinematix as a distributor serving different channels, such as resellers, retail, and marketplaces, as well as in professional sports, to help runners at every level learn more about their form and improve their fitness.

According to Statista, around 5.93 million people in Germany aged 14 years or older often went jogging or did cross-country running in their spare time in 2016. Hence, you can infer that an active and healthy lifestyle including running and jogging have become increasingly popular in Germany.

In a statement released to the press, Paulo dos Santos, CEO of Kinematix revealed that People want meaningful data about their physical performance that’s easy to understand and put into action. That’s exactly what we do at the company and with out products.

TUNE provides meaningful information and data-driven guidance in the form of personalized fitness plans for each individual user – a first in the industry. We are excited to be working with Titan Commerce to bring TUNE to athletes and helping them to accomplish their goals.

TUNE is a simple, easy to use wearable for runners that goes beyond measuring basic GPS stats such as pace or speed, but also measures each foot’s behaviour on the ground (stance dynamics, stance time, strides, and symmetry), and helps runners improve their form and fitness, which are the foundations to run better and avoid injury. With TUNE, the runners and coaches will be able to capture data about these relevant form parameters from every single step of a full run for both feet at the same time.

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And because the sensors are in-shoe, the data provided is the most complete and accurate assessment possible of a runner’s technique. The data collected from the insoles is automatically synced with the TUNE app on a smartphone or smartwatch, is combined with each runner’s personal profile and the evolving form patterns detected during runs, and then all this information is processed in the cloud to build and deliver personalized exercise plans.

You can buy TUNE for $200 directly from the official website of Kinematix. Moreover, TUNE can also be purchased either from Amazon or via mindTecStore.

Kinematix Roadmap

  • Founded in 2007, 8 years monitoring human movement
  • 25 employees
  • Offices in Portugal and the US
  • $2.3 Million in Series A in 2008
  • $2.6 Million in Series B in 2013
  • $2 Million in 2016

If you are attending ISPO, make sure to stop by Kinematix booth on Hall B4, Booth 430. The company has started an exclusive information counter in Hall B4 at the Mobile Health & Fitness Isle, where the CEO will be giving a short presentation every day at 3 PM.


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