New Spectrometer on a chip instantly reveals molecular components of your food and soil: Video Inside

Spectrometer on a chip

Si-Ware Systems recently announced the launch of a new spectrometer on a chip. The newly launched chip has an ability to fit in your smartphone and will reveal the amount of any given compound in any material. For instance, you can measure the amount of caffeine or gluten is in a particular food. You can also fetch the health of the crop soil.

According to the company sources, the NeoSpectra Micro spectrometer on a chip provides an ability to offer unprecedented NIR spectral range and high performance for food, oil & gas, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and medical applications.

The company has released a new video, which showcases all aspects of the new spectrometer on a chip. The company has termed the demo as fascinating.


Until now, anyone requiring molecular analysis of material, from food to soil to petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and medical samples had to send samples to a central or onsite lab and wait days for a report. The new spectrometer-on-a-chip can be built into a smartphone or smartphone case for accurate on-the-fly analysis of a broad range of materials and used in multiple ways including IoT, wearables, and mobile.

The company is expected to release prototypes and development kits for NeoSpectra Micro by Q1 2017 with production starting in Q4 2017. We don’t have any information about the price, but we expect $100.

Si-Ware Systems will exhibit its NeoSpectra sensors and showcase the iPhone case incorporating NeoSpectra Micro at Photonics West in San Francisco from January 31 to February 2. If you attend Photonics West event, be sure to stop by the booth #5164, North Hall, at the Moscone Center.

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SWS will also host a product demo: New chip-sized NIR spectral sensor enabling consumer applications. In this demo, SWS will provide more detail on NeoSpectra Micro and discuss the analysis done with the iPhone case. The demo will take place on Thursday, February 2nd at 12 PM in Demo Area 2, North Hall.

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