Google expected to ban Torrent sites and its potential implications


Google is reportedly gearing up to ban all the torrent sites, and this article examines the potential implications. Towards, the end of the story, we have outlined few facts which you should read.

According to a report published on TorrenFreak, the search-engine giant was heavily criticized by the Hollywood community for promoting piracy through Torrent sites. Interestingly, Microsoft-backed Bing is also planning to ban all torrent related sites due to widespread reports of pirated movies, books, and other related content.

Nowadays, the search engines have fine tuned the backend algorithm and processes to avoid the spreading of pirated movies. Moreover, Google is working closely with creative industry representatives to explore the possibilities to curtail the spread of illegal content over Torrents. Meanwhile, Google and Bing are also working on to retain Torrent sites by streamlining the entire process.

According to sources, a meeting was held at the UK’s Intellectual Property Office and was attended by executives from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The meeting was also attended by representatives from Hollywood. A new bill will be introduced in the UK to abolish Torrents and will most likely come with effect from June 1, 2017.

Even though the search companies are planning to ban Torrent sites in the UK, the implications will have an effect worldwide. Hence, you can expect similar action in the upcoming future and will result in the global ban of Torrents. Recently, Kickass Torrents and Torrentz have been banned in India. However, the cloned sites continue to emerge under a new name.

NetAns Take

Banning is not a solution. Even if Google bans Torrent sites, they will continue to exist in one form or other. Firstly, companies such as Google and Bing should create awareness among people against the use of Torrent sites. Till recently, none of the companies have done any kind of awareness.

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It is essential to educate people against the use of Torrents. Moreover, downloading content from Torrent sites is potentially dangerous since they will have malicious viruses and malware. Hence, people should be aware that their computers will be at risk if they download content from Torrents.

Furthermore, companies like Google and Bing should provide rewards for people who venture against the use of Torrents. A Twitter campaign against the use of Torrents will help in long run.

Google should consult a handbook about the various ways by which people can work with Google engines. It should have Dos and Dont’s. That said, We at NetAns strongly advocate the need for proper awareness among the masses against the use of Torrents.

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