Microsoft Money Online Petition: Make it available on the App Store and Web as part of Office 365

Microsoft Money

A chronic Microsoft fan dubbed as RJP has launched an online petition on to force the Redmond-based giant to make use of Microsoft Money on the Windows App Store, Web as part of the Office 365.

He begins by stating that Satya Nadella has done a commendable job by putting Microsoft back on the map with his agenda of productivity first and mobile first initiative. However, Microsoft has omitted Microsoft Money on its App Store and in its Office Productivity suite. If you are unaware, Microsoft Money was once a great tool for the management of personal and small business finance.

According to RJP, there is a serious lack of a proper tool for the management of the home and business finance on mobile. With Mint developed by Intuit pulled its plug last year from the Windows Store, users are finding it difficult to manage finances. He established contacted with Intuit and forced them to make the Mint app again. However, the company refused to comply with the request.

The petition creator feels that this is the best time for the Microsoft to charge themselves in the mobile finance management segment by introducing the once popular Microsoft Money to the Windows App Store.

In his online petition, RJP pointed out that Microsoft Money should be able to establish connectivity with all the online accounts. It should be able to aggregate the data using one single-sign-on to Money. Moreover, Microsoft Money should be able to perform Budgeting-related including tax-centric works. He also added that the Microsoft Money should establish a partnership with credit card companies to provide financial products to its users.

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In addition to a mobile-based version compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows 10, the Microsoft should also release a full version as part of Microsoft Office or Office 365. Furthermore, he also vouches for a web-based version to enable users to manage and sync finances from any device.

As of this writing, only 182 signatures are required to attain the goal of 1000. If you would like to require a tool for the management of finances, you should sign the petition immediately to show your support.

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