Instagram gets better with support for sharing up to 10 photos and videos in one single post


Instagram has been updated with the ability to share multiple photos and videos in one single post for iOS 10.9 and Android. Till recently, you have been making use of a single photo or image to share your thoughts on Instagram. After you upload 10 images and videos, users will be able to swipe through them to view all the content.

During the uploading process, you will view a new icon, which enables you to select multiple photos and videos. You will be able to control the way your posts will look like. You will be able to tap and hold to change the image order. You can also apply the relevant filters to all the images at one go to edit them separately.

If you post content with multiple images, then the content should have a single caption. Moreover, the images will appear ion square format for now. When it comes to the profile grid, you will view the first image or video of your post. You will view a small icon, which indicates that there are more images inside it.

You will view blue dots at the bottom of your feed to enable users to know that they can swipe to view more images and videos. It is also possible to like and comment on them just like a normal post.

The latest update is available for Instagram version 10.9 for iOS and for Android on Google Play. If you would like to share your favorite moments including your new newborn’s walking video, then this is the best time to do it with Instagram.

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