Aadhaar becomes invalid if biometrics are not updated after five years – #AadhaarForMyChild


Aadhaar is a biometric based identification system given to the residents of India. During the time of application, the biometric details of the people are scanned and copied to the computer and the servers maintained by the UIDAI. However, children below five years are excluded from biometrics procedure.

The official Twitter handle of UIDAI has been aggressively promoting a campaign via #AadhaarForMyChild. The main aim of the #AadhaarForMyChild project is to create an awareness among people to update the biometrics parameters of their children after the age of five years. If you are not updating the child’s biometrics, then the Aadhaar will become invalid.

Suppose, you have applied for Aadhaar for your 2-year-old kid. When he/she attains the age of five years, you should visit your nearest UIDAI center and update the database with the biometric information. Otherwise, the Aadhaar of your child will become invalid.

For children below 5 years, you only require the birth certificate of your child along with Aadhaar of one of the parents. You need to visit the official website of UIDAI (uidai.gov.in) and call the toll free number 1947 for further information. You can avail a wide range of Aadhaar-related services through the official website. If you are tech savvy, you can also reach out via Twitter and Facebook for additional clarification.

To security reasons, you should visit the official UIDAI website and search for enrolment centers. You should not approach fake companies and centers who grab money in return for Aadhaar. Moreover, you should be also careful with the plastic printing services for #AadhaarForMyChild offered by various third-party companies.

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