Facebook Messenger adds Dislike button in closed beta mode

Facebook Messenger Dislike

Facebook is currently testing Dislike button on the Messenger app in the form of Reaction emojis. The development was initially revealed by Hoan Do, who happens to be a reader of TechCrunch. Meanwhile, Facebook has confirmed the presence of the feature, which includes seven new emojis including dislike.

In a statement released to the press, Facebook disclosed that only a select group of users hand picked by Facebook product team has access to the dislike button. The new Reactions emojis has been added based on a long pending request from users. Moreover, the dislike feature is not added to express negative thoughts but as an alternative way to say no.

Facebook added that the company is committed to improving the platform. Hence, the product team is infusing several new features not only to provide users with an engaging user experience but also to motive people to make use of the social media to express their positive feelings.

To work with reaction emojis, you need to tap on a conversation bubble, which will display a wide range of options to help you to respond to messages quickly.

Facebook is gearing up to roll out the feature to the general public based on the feedback from users. It is essential for the company to make sure that there are no glitches in the new feature before the general availability.

In the meantime, Facebook introduced several new modules to prevent people from committing suicides. Based on a unique algorithm, the back-end system automatically locates the warning signs related to suicide from within the content posted by users. It could be phrases, sentences, and keywords not only from the Facebook post but also from other sources. If the system detects any posts with the bad intention, the relevant message will be delivered to the product team deployed across the globe based on user location.

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