Google Pixel and Pixel XL faces an inherent microphone problem

Google Pixel

Google launched Pixel and Pixel XL with high expectations in 2016. However, all is not well the smartphone duo with series of bugs and other issues. Even though the phone received rave reviews among various websites, a recently discovered bug reveals the fact that there is an inherent problem with the microphone.

You will experience the problem when you perform call and work with the camera app. The error will cause a complete block of audio input when you are on a call. You will also face the sound problem with the microphone when you are recording a video via the camera app.

Is there any purpose for shooting videos without audio in a premium smartphone like Pixel? Even a phone with $150 will be able to capture videos properly with good audio. If you verify the official Google Support forum, you will come across several complaints related to microphone failure in Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL.

In response to the problem, a Google employee disclosed that both the handsets have a problem with the three integrated microphones. It is to be noted that the default microphone is having a problem, while the rest of the two works correctly. According to Google, the main issue with a crack in the solder of the component housing the microphone.

We infer that the problem associated with the microphone is related to the hardware. Hence, you need to either replace or get is serviced. If the problem lies with the software, then it can be rectified quickly via OTA update. However, few users have reported that the issue has been automatically resolved when the handsets are used in a specific grip position. There are reports that few users used a hairdryer to fix the stuck microphone. That said, you should establish contact with the customer service if you want a proper resolution.

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If your Pixel and Pixel XL handsets are facing the problem with microphone, then Google is offering free replacements for all the affected handsets since they are still under warranty. The search-engine giant has already taken steps to rectify the problem in the newly manufactured handsets.

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