Express yourself with iMessage stickers using Apple iPhone 7

iMessage stickers

Ever since Apple released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September 2016, the Cupertino-based company has been in the process of releasing new videos, which showcase the features of the new handset. The company has released a new video to help you to gauge the relevance of iMessage stickers. If you would like to convey something along with the message, you can make efficient use of iMessage stickers.

In the recently released video, a man walks straight into a balcony of the house where two women are talking with each other. He punches a sticker onto the shoulder of women as he looks seriously. In return, she also pastes a sticker to his shoulder. The main doesn’t smile but looks at the sticker carefully.


After that, you can see two kids running on the street and pasting the stickers to persons who passes by the road. They also affix stickers with the message Blah Blah and another one with a long throat to a person wearing a suit. The video features several individuals and kids pasting the relevant stickers. At around 27 seconds, you can see a person affixing the sticker to the food of his different friend on the table of the restaurant. The other person also embeds a sticker to his face angrily.

The moral of the video is that you have access to a wide range of stickers at your disposal for all activities. The video also showcases the use of the stickers inside the iPhone 7 in real-world. By exchange iMessage stickers, you can make yourself and your partner happy. The video creates awareness among people to make use of the stickers instead of simply typing messages in the conventional style.

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The video ends with the message “say it with stickers n iPhone 7” followed by “practically magic.” By unveiling videos, Apple has reminded the people that iMessage is equipped with stickers, which you can make use of to express feelings. Apple has provided plenty of stickers including the availability of new stickers via frequent updates.

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