SwiftKey for Android pushes keypress sounds feature without activation

SwiftKey for Android

SwiftKey, a popular keyboard for Android has released a new update, with which you will be able to integrate keypress sounds. According to the company, the feature has been requested by users for a very long time. The main aim of the SwiftKey is to customize your keyboard for an optimum experience irrespective of the language, writing style, and theme.

With the help of the latest update, you will be able to easily customize the Android keyboard using four new profiles exclusively developed to produce keyboard sounds.

To work with the keypress sounds, you need to either update or install SwiftKey from the Google Play Store. If you have already installed SwiftKey, you will be prompted to upgrade.

You just need to simply tap or slide the hamburger icon located on the left side of the prediction bar. You can also directly select Open button after installation. You will view a new page with Typing option.

SwiftKey for Android

You need to select Sound and Vibration from the SwiftKey Hub. You will be able to find four new profiles such as Traditional, Android, Modern and Blip. We tested the newly launched sounding feature using LeEco Le 2, but the option for choosing the keypress was inactive.

SwiftKey for Android

We also updated SwiftKey on Xiaomi Redmi Note, but the option was inactive. We are unable to find any way to activate the keypress sound feature. We expect SwiftKey will roll out the new feature in a phased manner. We will continue to keep a tab on the new feature and will provide updates.

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