LG Stylo3 Unveiled On Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile With An Attractive Offer

LG Stylo3

LG Stylo3 has been released on Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile at $179.99 in the United States bundled with a stylus. Announced at CES 2017, you will be able to purchase both handsets at a competitive price of $179.99. However, you will have to add applicable tax to the amount since it is not included by default with the cost.

The highlight of the LG Stylo3 is the addition of a stylus. Moreover, the handset features a big display. Hence, you will be able to work quickly with the phone using the provided stylus. Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers are not bundling the stylus with the devices. Samsung and Microsoft used to ship gadgets with a stylus but are expensive. LG has improved the look and feel of the stylus when compared to LG Stylo2 handset.

On the specifications front, the LG Stylo3 is equipped with a 5.7-inch HD display, MediaTek MT6750 processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage loaded with Android 7.0 Nougat. While the rear side features a 13MP sensor, the front-facing snapper offers a 5MP sensor. The phone is capable of delivering a pretty decent backup time because of the integration of a 3200mAh battery.

In addition to the stylus, the LG Stylo3 also includes advanced features such as Quick and Easy Selfie Camera, Comfort Mode, Screen-Off Memo, Enhanced Stylus, Pop Memo, Capture+, Pop Scanner, QuickMemo+ and Pen Keeper.

LG Stylo3 Features

In the meantime, Virgin Mobile also rolled out new mobile plans such as DATA LOVE and DATA LOVE+. You can buy these plans directly from the carrier or via retail stores across the US.

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Virgin Mobile

Boost Mobile is offering unlimited call and messaging features with optimized streaming videos. The company provides unlimited 4G LTE connectivity. You can purchase one line for $50 per month and $30 per month for the second line. You can buy a maximum of five lines. Meanwhile, the mobile carrier also provides value-added 4G LTE connectivity packages. As part of the deal, you can buy 2GB $30, 1GB for $5 and 2GB for $10 per month.

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