Verizon HTC 10 Android Nougat Rollout To Kickstart From March 30

HTC 10

Verizon is confirmed to push Android Nougat update for HTC 10 starting March 30. The news is not a rumor since the information comes from the Twitter desk of Mo Versi, who is the Vice President of Product Management at HTC.

In his tweet, Versi starts by calling all HTC 10 owners under Verizon and appreciates the patience and support. Interestingly, he hasn’t started Nougat. Instead, he mentions N OS, where N is, of course, Nougat. He also says that the TA and OTA will start on March 30 and mentions Thank you at the end.

It looks like HTC is keen to compete with Samsung in the Android Nougat segment. With the launch of Android Nougat, the company is shown keen interest to retain the existing customers from migrating to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ handsets.

If you are using HTC 10 smartphone on Verizon network, you should receive a message notification, which prompts you to download the Android Nougat update from March 30. However, the company will roll out the update via OTA in a phased manner. Hence, it will take few days for the new update to hit your smartphone depending upon your location.

The overall capacity of the Android Nougat update will be very huge. Hence, you should free up to 2GB of storage space before downloading the update. Furthermore, you should charge the phone to 100 percent for a trouble free installation. The update will be more than 1GB, and hence you should establish connectivity with Wi-Fi and deactivate mobile data.

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