T-Mobile LG G6 Gets Better With Performance Improvement Update


T-Mobile has rolled out the first update for the flagship LG G6 smartphone. With software version H87210e, the build number of the update is tagged as NRD90U. Moreover, the security software version is mentioned as MDF v3.0 Release 1 with Kernel version as 3.18.31.

As of this writing, we don’t have any information about the exact changelog for the LG G6 update. However, the screenshot reveals that it includes various updates. Hence, you can infer that the update provides bug fixes including performance improvements.


The update screen shows that the size of the file is around 124.1MB. Hence, you need to activate Wi-Fi before proceeding to download the update. Moreover, you should free up at least 1GB of disk space before hitting the download tab. You should also make sure to charge the smartphone before the installation of the update fully. The update screen has specially stated that you need to perform these two steps before initiating the process.

LG G6 Update Steps

After the download of the update file is finished, you need to select “Restart & Install” button at the bottom of the screen. Like in the case of all other updates, LG has stated that you should not switch off your handset while the update installation is in progress. Furthermore, you cannot make use of the phone during update installation including making emergency calls.

Even though the official release of the LG G6 smartphone is fixed for April 7, the US-based mobile carrier has already started to ship the flagship handset starting March 24.

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To push sales, LG has launched a Black variant of LG G6 in South Korea. If you are in Russia, you will be eligible to get free LG Watch Style powered by Android Wear 2.0 platform.

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