Drawing Technology Enhances The Look And Feel Of MGCOOL Explorer 1S and Explorer Action Cameras

MGCOOL Explorer

MGCOOL design and manufacture products by infusing latest trending groundbreaking technologies. As part of the innovation, MGCOOL has integrated Drawing technology, which is exclusively available only on MGCOOL Explorer 1S and MGCOOL Explorer action cameras.

The main purpose of the technology is to enhance the look and feel of the outer surface. If you view the camera from long distance after placing on the tripod, you will be able to visualize the sleek interface.

MGCOOL Explorer

The Drawing technology incorporated in the 4K-enabled MGCOOL Explorer 1S and Explorer action cameras are designed using dieless drawing technique paired with the wire drawing. Hence, the material surrounding the lens and adjacent surface areas will look premium to your eyes.

MGCOOL Explorer

As a result of the integration of a unique drawing technology, the camera will look not only soft and sleek but also provides adequate grip to your hands. This will enable you to capture impressive and stunning visuals even at extreme circumstances. If you work with the MGCOOL Explorer action camera series, you will be able to experience the real goodness of the trending drawing technology.

MGCOOL Explorer

The drawing technology is implemented only in action cameras manufactured by MGCOOL. You will not find the technology in any other camera. The black colored shade coupled with silver color will look pleasing. Furthermore, the surface of the MGCOOL Explorer camera will not be spoiled even if you work with it carelessly.

You can buy MGCOOL Explorer ($39.99) and MGCOOL Explorer 1S ($56.99) directly from Gearbest and Coolicool. You will have to keep a tab on these sites regularly because you will get discounts.

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