MGCOOL announces 2-year warranty for MGCOOL Explorer ES

MGCOOL Explorer ES

MGCOOL, a popular action camera and accessories manufacturing company based in China has announced 2-year warranty for the budget-friendly MGCOOL Explorer ES action camera.

In a statement released to the press, MGCOOL disclosed that most of the competing action camera companies such as GoPro, Xiaomi, SJ Camera provide one year warranty. Hence, the provision of a 2-year warranty for the budget friendly MGCOOL Explorer ES will be a great advantage for customers.

MGCOOL Explorer ES

MGCOOL Explorer ES features a 2-inch display, Allwinner V3 processor, internal storage expansion up to 64GB including H.264 compression mode support. Moreover, the camera also integrates enhanced waterproof capabilities alongside Wi-Fi support.

MGCOOL Explorer ES

Your Explorer ES camera will not be destroyed if you immerse the action camera up to 30m depth. When it comes to the wireless connectivity, the MGCOOL Explorer ES offers range up to 10m.

MGCOOL Explorer ES

Powered by a 1050mAh battery, the Explorer ES action camera is capable of delivering up to 80 minutes backup. The attraction of the camera is that you will be able to charge the battery up to 2 hours paired with an integrated 5V/1A power adapter.

With the help of 170-degree wide angle lens, you will be able to shoot immersive visuals. You can shoot FHD videos at 60 fps including the ability to capture stunning images from 2MB to 16MB.

The main purpose of the 2-year warranty is to improve aftersale service quality. Moreover, it will enhance the brand characteristics among other prospective customers. Nowadays, people opt for an extended warranty period for products since it will provide great expectations.

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