LastPass With Android O Autofill Support Expected In 2017


LastPass has announced support for Android Oreo’s Autofill in the upcoming major release expected to release before the end of 2017. With Google recently announced the launch of the developer preview of Android O, there were talks in town about the rumored features such as Autofill.

According to sources, the Android O will ship with support for picture-in-picture (PIP) for video apps, enhanced audio quality via Bluetooth including modifications to the background processing. The upcoming Android platform will also enhance the battery life. The company has officially released a screenshot, which shows how LastPass will look like inside Android O.

LastPass Autofill

LastPass is gearing up to take advantage of the Autofill APIs in Android O. If you work with LastPass with Android O, You will be able to save lengthy typing time. In addition to security related features, you will be able to save time with LastPass.

With the help of Autofill APIs, you will be able to save plenty of time because LastPass does all the hard work. The feature is not limited to password and you can expect more functionalities. The Autofill mechanism will also help you to identify credit card forms and addresses. If you had stored an address inside your vault, LastPass will be able to fetch it automatically.

After the integration of Autofill in Android O, you will be able to purchase items from various e-commerce stores quickly since LastPass will provide all assistance. The app will guide you with all the required options at various points till you complete the payment process.

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In addition to Autofill, the LastPass also provides significant performance and security enhancements. We expect LastPass to infuse improved user privacy and security. The main purpose of LastPass is to store data including passwords. Hence, it is absolutely essential for the company to convince customers that the app is safe for consumption.

You can expect the official release of LastPass within two weeks after the launch of Android O. We will have access to more information as soon as the official launch of Android O approaches. We will continue to keep track of the developments and provide updates. Stay tuned.

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