Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort Headphones Launched With Power Features

Mi Headphones Comfort

Xiaomi has launched Mi Headphones Comfort with minimalistic design in such a way to deliver an awesome audio experience. Moreover, the new pair of over-ear headphones has been manufactured in such a way that it resists dirt to a large extent.

If you work with the Mi Headphones Comfort, you will feel that the headphones are tangle free. Hence, you need not have to worry about the management of the cables.

The unique closed-back design of the headphones automatically seals music to eliminate sound leakage. You will be able to visualize an immersive audio experience because of the integration of the unique technology.

Mi Headphones Comfort

Manu Kumar Jain took to Twitter and shared the news of the launch of Mi Headphones Comfort. Moreover, Jain has stated that the newly launched headphones will be available from 12 PM on April 18.

Designed in a lightweight manner, the Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort features a design with plush and soft PU ear cups. The addition of soft cups will isolate the noise to a great extent.

With Mi Headphones Comfort headphones, you will be able to answer calls and control music because of the newly designed left ear cup. You can speak by keeping the phone intact inside your pocket.

With model number TDSER02JY, the speaker impedance is rated as 32Ohms and sensitivity of 107dB. With a weight of 220 grams, the length of the cable measures 1.4m alongside rated power of 50mW. In addition to the Mi Headphones Comfort headphone, the product package includes a carry case and user guide.

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Priced at Rs. 2999, the Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort provides an enhanced audio experience since it offers improved design. The headphones will fit your ear without falling down even when you are traveling. You can purchase the headphones from Mi.com, which is the exclusive e-commerce store.

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