Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 With Model SM-J530F Passes Through US FCC

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 dubbed with model number SM-J530F has successfully passed through the US FCC. Hence, you can expect an imminent launch of the handset. Recently, Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 surfaced in Geekbench, which is the popular benchmarking site.

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 already appeared on GFXBench, Bluetooth, Geekbench and WiFi Alliance. With the handset clearing the doors of the US FCC, it looks like Samsung is planning for a grand launch event within the next few months.

The Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 handset has passed the FCC with the ID A3LSMJ530FM for the model number SM-J530FM/DS. Moreover, the handset is fully compliant with the FCC rules when it comes to identification of equipment as stated in 47 CFR Part 2.925(d). You will be able to find the FCC ID on the rear bottom of the device.

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 FCC Letter

The official letter specifies that the FCC ID is clearly legible without any need for any additional magnification equipment. You will find the label that is permanently engraved by laser. You will not be able to remove the ID from the handset.

Along with the relevant parameters such as model number, FCC ID, CE number, SSN, and battery rating, you can also see a paper marked with various positions. The placeholder for Label indicates the FCC ID.

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017

The papers released by the FCC doesn’t reveal the specifications of the handset. However, we can infer that the Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 will offer more than 5-inch display. You can also expect Exynos 7870 processor (Snapdragon in the US), 2GB RAM, 16GB expandable internal storage loaded with Android 7.0 Nougat.

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When it comes to the optics, you can expect a 12MP rear camera coupled with 8MP front-facing snapper. here are reports that the handset will ship with a 12MP selfie shooter, although the chances are slim. Regarding the price, the rumored handset will be budget-friendly.

Although not confirmed, we expect the launch of Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 before the end of July 2017. We will continue to keep track of the developments and provide you with updates. Stay tuned with NetAns.

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