iMyFone Umate Review: Simple and Perfect

iMyFone Umate

If you work with an Apple device such as iPhone or iPad, you would have deleted several images, videos, and other related files. However, they are not actually deleted from the storage system. It is possible to recover deleted files from the iPhone, iPod, or iPad even if you have deleted the relevant files. When you view the gallery, you will not find the presence of images but in reality, it is possible to recover. Moreover, the deleted files occupy plenty of storage space, which prevents you from installing the new apps or update pushed by Apple.

If the internal storage of your iPhone, iPad or iPod is full, your device will run slow. Moreover, you will experience frequent lags during usage like while playing games. Sometimes, you will not be able to install the new iOS 10 update because of lack of storage space. You should note that storage space in the Apple devices cannot be expanded using MicroSD cards. Hence, you need to make optimum use of your iOS device to ensure sufficient storage at all times.

You can manually free up disk space but it is not only tedious but also outdated. Hence, you need to make effective use of third-party softwares such as iMyFone Umate. The main purpose of iMyFone Umate is to free up storage space for your iPhone and iPad. The application cleans not only junk files but also temp files.

You will be able to securely clean junk files, temporary files including the ability to compress and delete photos. You can also delete large files such as videos over 10MB size with the capability to manage apps installed on your iOS devices.

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Equipped with 25 analysis technologies, the iMyFone Umate Pro will be able to accurately identify where and how all the required storage space on the relevant iOS device is being used.

The iMyFone Umate automatically deletes 30+ junk files, removes app caches, cookies, temp files, crash logs, user files, corrupted files. Moreover, the tool also cleans camera roll, photo stream including photo library cache files generated by third-party apps. The invisible temporary files hidden inside each app can be easily deleted with iMyFone Umate Pro.

The iMyFone Umate provides an ability to compress photos, which enables you to save up to 75 percent of camera storage space without sacrificing the original quality. It can also mass delete unwanted photos with a single click.

You can preview, select and delete all the unnecessary images on your iOS device. The attraction of iMyFone Umate is its ability to backup original photos on PC before proceeding with the compression and deletion process.

iMyFone Umate Working

To work with iMyFone Umate, you need to download and install the tool available for Windows platform. You can install the tool even if you are running Windows Vista since the company has integrated compatibility with all platforms including Mac.

The file size is around 24MB and can be easily downloaded over a broadband connectivity. You will have to accept the agreement and pick a location for installation. By default, the installer places the relevant icon on the desktop and quick launch bars. We managed to install the tool in less than 30 seconds.

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If you have installed a trial version of iMyFone Umate, you will view a dialog stating that you have downloaded a trial version. You will also view a list of all features available in trial and registered versions.

iMyFone Umate

If you have not installed iTunes, you will have to install it before starting to work with iMyFone Umate. You will not be able to perform any work without establishing connectivity with an iOS device and iTunes installation.

iMyFone Umate

You will view five icons on the left-hand side of the iMyFone Umate. The first option enables you to delete unnecessary files in just one click. While the second option performs the required factory reset, the third option enables you to erase the deleted files that can be returned.

If you don’t want your users to view the kind of files you have deleted, you can make use of the option. The final option helps you to delete your personal and private data from your apple device in such a way that it can’t be recovered by any person using any third-party software.

The iMyFone Umate has been designed in such a way to offer a friendly and intuitive interface. Moreover, the tool will be very useful if you would like to sell the iPhone or exchange iPhone for any other handset since it removed all sensitive data from the device.


If you would like to leverage the full potential of your iOS device, you should make use of iMyFone Umate to optimize the storage space. If you work with a low storage iOS device with a capacity of 16GB, you need to ensure sufficient storage at all times so that you will be able to install the required apps and store images/photos without any difficulty. You should delete unwanted files once in 3 months with the help of iMyFone Umate, which is a safe way to delete the hidden files. When you can’t locate the temp files and cookies manually, iMyFone Umate provides a capability to fetch these files located deep under the hood and deletes them in a safe way. Your valuable iOS device will not be affected if you work with the tool. The iMyFone Umate is an ideal companion for all those tech enthusiasts who work with iPhone, iPad, and iOS.

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