MGCOOL Explorer Pro Sharkeye Feature Yields Rich Benefits

MGCOOL Explorer Pro Sharkeye

MGCOOL Explorer Pro was launched recently with support for 4K video shooting at 30 fps, Sony IMX179 sensor coupled with Allwinner V3 processor. The main highlight of MGCOOL Explorer Pro is the integration of a new “Sharkeye” feature. You need to pay importance to distortion when you are capturing an image or video via action camera. Otherwise, the captured content will be blurred and shaky.

MGCOOL has taken advantage of a unique “Sharkeye” lens, which is capable of delivering distortion-free 4K images and videos using 170-degree wide angle lens. You will not find the integration of premium lens such as sharkeye in any of the competing action cameras. If you look at the expensive SJ6 Legend worth $159, you will not find the presence of this feature.

MGCOOL Explorer Pro Sharkeye

The main purpose of the Sharkeye lens is to improve the distortion correction capability. With 6G Sharkeye wide-angle HD lens, the total amount of light entering into the sensor will increase and the distortion will be reduced to a great extent.

MGCOOL Explorer Pro Sharkeye

If you look at the competing action cameras, they are normally integrated with the conventional lens. However, the 6G Sharkeye lens technology included with MGCOOL Explorer Pro provides enhanced light transmission and color revivification. Hence, you will be able to stay one step ahead in your quest to capture brilliant images and visuals.

MGCOOL Explorer Pro Sharkeye

On the specifications front, the MGCOOL Explorer Pro features a 2-inch display, 64GB storage expansion, Sony IMX179 Sensor, 30m waterproof, 13m Wi-Fi powered by a 1050mAh battery.

MGCOOL has integrated the Sharkeye lens for the first time after the company launched Explorer series of action cameras, which got rave reviews from the fans through various e-commerce outlets. The Sharkeye lens has immense potential. You will have to experience the feature in real-world to believe the rich capabilities.

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