Samsung Galaxy S8 Random Restarting Puts The Company In A Fix

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung is in the news for all the bad reasons. Even though the recently released Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ got rave reviews across all the popular tech channels, the picture is not perfect on the real-world. The latest news is that few Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ units have been restarting randomly on its own without any valid reason.

Previously, there were widespread complaints about the Samsung Galaxy S8 series since the handsets were plagued with red tint issue. With users reporting random restart of the phone, it’s clear that Samsung is facing huge difficulties when it comes to quality control.

We wonder why a big company like Samsung doesn’t have a foolproof quality control mechanism. Samsung should sit and think deeply regarding why the problem is occurring. If you go through the official Samsung community forum, you can see several users narrating their bad experience with Samsung Galaxy S8.

Upon inspection of the forum post, we can see several users posting about problems with the microSD card. When a user with the name Remmie did a factory reset with the memory card, the phone keeps on disconnecting.

Meanwhile, few users have complained that the restart problem is associated with the lock or Always-On Display. However, we can also see users blaming power save feature of the handset.

That said, there is no clear clarity regarding the exact location of the problem. You should note that Samsung Galaxy S8 have problems and is not a fool proof phone based on the amount of feedback on the official forum.

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As of writing this, Samsung hasn’t officially provided any explanation for the existence of the problem. Going forward, we can expect a comment from Samsung. We expect Samsung to fix the problem via an OTA update if the problem lies in the software. We infer that it should be a software-centric problem.

We will continue to track the developments associated with the random restart of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

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