Millo Smart Smoothie Maker Now Available For Preorder On Kickstarter

Millo Smoothie Maker

If you are a big fan of smoothie, you can now cheer because a smart machine is on the way to your dining desk. Adam Trakselis has designed and developed Millo, which is the first blender equipped with fast and silent motor engine housed in a minimal design. Millo is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting at $260 with expected shipping in March 2018.

If you think that Smart means an ability to establish connectivity with some sort of signal, then you are wrong. Millo solves age-old problems associated with the blending technology. You can adapt it easily depending upon your needs, requirements, and simplicity.

Millo Employs Magnetic Motor

The unique air drive system included with Millo makes use of magnets, which will deliver power to the blade. The main purpose behind the use of magnets is to eliminate unwanted noises in conventional blenders, which employs old motors and rattling blade connectors.

Millo Works Smartly

With Millo Smart Lid, you will be able to rinse and make smoothie within seconds. The Millo smart smoothie maker is capable of remembering your blending preferences. You just need to put on your lid and the blender will create tasty smoothie very quickly. The smart lid also features an additional cover, which helps you to avoid immediate washing. Hence, you can carry the blender not only during a business trip but also during a picnic trip

Create Smoothie With Millo Smart Touch

With smart touch, you will be able to make the smoothie in the correct way as per your preferences. If you would like to have complete control over the blending techniques, you need to install Millo mobile app, using which you can work with each and every setting. As of writing this, the company has employed a third-party solution to activate speed and to power on/off the equipment.

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With the help of the mobile app, you will not only be able to track the smoothies you make but also transfer the nutrition data to the nutrition app you are currently using. However, the use of the Millo’s companion mobile app is a personal choice.

Millo is designed in such a way that the smoothie can be easily shared among more than one person. If you have access to a single base, persons with a personal cup and smart lid will be able to make use of the smoothie. Hence, the Millo smoothie maker is an ideal companion for product teams and families.

On the specifications front, the Millo Blender is equipped with a brushless electric motor, 16000RPM speed, 1500W motor power, Cortex M4 processor. The company is planning to develop an exclusive Android and iOS app for the purpose of the Millo smoothie maker.

According to company sources, Millo is capable of saving over 7 hours every month in your quest to prepare food and cleaning work. In addition to a comprehensive smoothie maker, Millo provides a 2-year warranty.

Millo has established a partnership with Tracy Russell, Jen Hansard, Jadah Sellne, and Julie Morris for the inclusion of their books along with the product package. You will receive “The Best Green Smoothies on the planet”, Simple Green Smoothies and Superfood smoothies along with Millo smoothie maker. However, you should be the first 500 to place an order via Millo for Family – Kickstarter Special campaign.

In addition to Millo blender base, the product package also ships with On-the-go cup, smart lid, free Millo mobile app, free protein box and an illustrated smoothie guide. Moreover, you will get three smoothie related books written by famous authors.

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