MGCOOL Explorer Pro Global Spot Sale On Giztop At Unbeatable Price

MGCOOL Explorer Pro

MGCOOL has started the Global Spot Sale of the newly launched MGCOOL Explorer Pro camera with 6G “Sharkeye” lens at an unbeatable price of $39.99 via Giztop. The main attraction of MGCOOL Explorer Pro is that you will get a 2-year warranty, which gives you ultimate peace of mind.

MGCOOL Explorer Pro

The Chinese-based smartphone company has termed the price as the ‘first experience’. The main purpose behind the naming is to inform tech savvy people about the unavailability of the action camera at this price from any other companies.

According to MGCOOL, the price of MGCOOL Explorer Pro will increase to $69.99 after May 31. Hence, you should purchase the camera immediately before the product goes out of stock. The demand is more than the supply for 4K action cameras. However, the company is taking all steps to increase production based on the requirements.

MGCOOL Explorer Pro

Equipped with a 2-inch display, the MGCOOL Explorer Pro features Allwinner V3 processor, Sony IMX179 sensor coupled with Sharkeye 170-degree wide angle lens. You should insert a microSD card with up to 64GB to work with the action camera.

With MGCOOL Explorer Pro, you will be able to capture 4K videos at 30 fps and images up to 16M starting from 2M. Moreover, the camera provides support for H.264 compression mode. The camera is water-resistant with up to 30m and is capable of delivering 100 minutes of 4K video shooting with the integrated 1050mAh battery.

As part of the Global spot sale, MGCOOL Explorer Pro is available from May 11 to May 31 at $39.99 on Giztop for both Black and White color variants.

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