PDF to Word Converter Review – Reliable and Powerful

PDF to Word Converter

Imagine, you are in receipt of a PDF file and would like to convert it into Word file. You can easily convert using third-party tools using your computer if you are available at the workplace or home. What will happen if you are on the go without your computer? You got a PDF file, which you would like to convert to Word for making some comments.

In this scenario, you have to make use of mobile-based apps such as PDF to Word Converter developed by Cometdocs.com Inc. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. We tested the Android version of the app. Does the PDF to Word Converter meet the expectations of your work life? Find it out by reading this review.


The PDF to Word Converter helps you to convert PDF files located anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. The highlight of the app is that you will be able to locate PDF files from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Mega and convert them into Word file. You will be able to convert unlimited files without any restrictions. Moreover, the quality of the converted Word file will meet all the latest industry requirements.

With PDF to Word Converter, you will be able to convert scanned and complex PDF files using the industry-leading OC technology. If you download the free version then, the conversion process will be slow. If you purchase the app by tapping the Purchases link, you will be able to convert quickly. You can also opt to convert PDF files to Excel, PowerPoint, Autocad, Image by purchasing the business extension.

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As soon as you import the PDF file, it will be automatically sent to the servers maintained by the app developer. After the conversion process is finished, the file will be downloaded to your smartphone. Hence, the PDF to Word Converter app will not drain the resources or battery. Your phone will not become slow because of the conversion process.


To work with PDF to Word Converter, you need to install the app from the Google Play Store. You have to install the app developed by Cometdocs. The installation process takes few minutes to complete depending upon your Internet speed. We installed the app within a minute because of Reliance Jio 4G connectivity. You need to select Open button to work with the app. You can also open the app by tapping PDF to Word icon.

You will view a screen as shown below.

PDF to Word Converter Dashboard

You need to select the Plus icon to add a file for conversion. You can either select the middle icon or tap the big Plus icon located on the bottom right-hand corner. If you select the Plus icon, you will view two options.

PDF to Word Converter Dashboard Option

You can either select the files located on the device or select from Dropbox, OneDrive and etc. You have to tap the icon located on the right side against the relevant option. Hence, if you would like to select files from your device, you need to tap the phone icon. It will take some time for the system to fetch the files from your smartphone. We have selected a file located on the device for the purpose of our conversion.

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PDF to Word Converter Dashboard File Preparation

You will view a list of all the files. If you have to convert a file located on your computer, you need to send it to your e-mail ID and save the file using the Gmail app located inside the app.

The next step is to select the PDF file, which you need to convert. We have selected a PDF file with 216KB size. You just need to tap on the file name. The conversion process will start as given below

PDF to Word Converter Dashboard Conversion Process

You will view a tick mark along with the size of the converted Word file after the completion of the conversion process. You should note that the process for converting a PDF to Word file takes several minutes depending upon the size of the original PDF file.

If you tap on the converted file, you will be able to read the contents provided you select the Docs option.You will be able to view the content.

We can see that the bold title is displayed as normal text in the converted file inside the app. Moreover, there is an extra spacing on the top of the converted file. However, when we viewed the converted file on the laptop, the file retains all the formatting options.

If you select the three dots in a vertical position, you will be able to share the converted Word file by tapping Share&export option. You need to select Send a copy option, select Word format and use your option for sending the file.

PDF to Word Converter Dashboard Settings

The PDF to Word Converter app also enables you to find and replace content, spellcheck, track changes directly from the converted word file. If you open the app, you will view a list of all the files that has been converted from PDF to Word.

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Easy to use
Simplified user interface
Ability to share the converted Word file
Less resource consumption


Free version takes a long time for conversion
Absence of formatting in converted file on mobile
File sent to the server for conversion – possible security risk?


The PDF to Word Converter is an excellent app using which you can easily convert a PDF to Word file. With improved conversion engine, you will be able to view the output within minutes after initiating the conversion process. Moreover, you can buy the paid version at a budget-friendly rate. For example, the business extension with 27 conversion types is priced at 450 INR, which equates to $7. You only need to pay once and the app will be able to convert the files quickly. We highly recommend the PDF to Word Converter app since it will enhance your productivity to a large extent.

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