Asus Announces Global E-waste Recycling Target Program After WHO Warning

Asus e-waste program Disposal

Asus has announced the ambitious new target program with which 20 percent of the global electronic waste can be recycled by the year 2025. Asus has taken the initiative after the World Health Organization warned that improper disposal of e-waste can cause severe environmental damage.

Asus has established joint ventures in 14 countries with approved local recycling companies to enable them to recycle e-waste. According to the company, it entails 70 percent of the global business. In 2016, Asus recycled 11 million kilograms of e-waste, which represents nearly 12.2 percent recovery ratio of total products sold.

In addition to enhanced sustainability, the e-waste recycling mechanism will also create new market opportunities by adding value through recycled materials.

Foto Gerrit Boer
Foto Gerrit Boer

As part of the World Environment Day on June 5, the company is hosting a series of global events across various countries to create environmental awareness about the need to recycle e-waste properly. Apart from India, the e-waste events are being held in the United States and Netherlands.

In a statement released to the press, Asus revealed that there are two main goals. Firstly, the aim is to establish several e-waste collection stations in collaboration with local ASUS sales offices, schools and recycling organizations. The product team will share the real benefits of the steps required to recycle e-waste properly with local communities.

The second goal is to collect a total of more than 100,000 kilograms of e-waste before the end of July. The company has set the target in such a way that all the stakeholders will be taken into confidence.

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As part of its Extended Producer’s Responsibility program, Asus will encourage consumers to deposit their used and damaged devices at dedicated collection points, which will be opened in 40 locations across India. Moreover, you can avail free pick-up facility by registering the relevant request via toll-free number in select cities.

The company disclosed that they have established strategic partnerships with a major recycler in India for the e-waste management. If you have an old non-working device, you should establish contact with Asus to recycle it properly.

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