Elephone P8 Mini captures natural selfies than iPhone 6S

Elephone P8 Mini

Elephone asked us whether had ever captured selfies with iPhone 6s. Well. We never used iPhone because the handset is beyond our budget. Hence, we are not in a position to tell you the condition of the selfies captured using iPhone 6s. However, Elephone has shared exclusive images of the selfies captured using the Elephone P8 Mini. Interestingly, the images are compared with iPhone 6s.

According to company sources, the Elephone P8 Mini has been specially manufactured to target users who are chronic addicts to selfies. If you would like to capture real-life selfies with attention to detail, you should consider buying Elephone P8 Mini.

Even though you will get a similar smartphone in terms of configuration, the selfies captured via the front-facing snapper will be different because of the different technology infused into the handsets. The sensor plays a key role in the accuracy of the selfies. Moreover, companies provide special filters and effects to help you to beautify the selfies. Elephone has provided special facial features with which you can beautify the selfies.

Elephone P8 Mini Selfie

As you can observe from the above images, the selfies captured using Elephone P8 Mini are ruddier and more natural than iPhone 6s.

Elephone P8 Mini vs iPhone 6s

If you carefully look at the images, you can see that the details are preserved very well by the P8 Mini when compared to the iPhone.

Elephone P8 Mini Sellfie

Regarding the price, you need not have to invest a huge amount like iPhone 6s. You can buy Elephone P8 Mini for $99.99 if you participate in the flash sale on June 14. Elephone has reserved 10000 units of the smartphone for the purpose of the flash sale. Moreover, the company has established a partnership with Chinese e-commerce retailers for the flash sale. You should buy immediately because stocks will run out fast within nano-seconds.

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Elephone P8 Mini features a 5-inch Sharp FHD display, octa-core processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage coupled with 16MP front-facing snapper with facial recognition features. You wil be able to beautify the captured selfie using advanced filters. Hence, your selfies will look brighter than the selfies captured using competing handsets.

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