Huawei DLI-TL20 WiFi Alliance clearance hints at imminent release

Honor 6 Plus

If rumors are to be believed, a new handset with the model number Huawei DLI-TL20 will hit the retail shelves. According to reports, a Huawei-branded smartphone with model number DLI-TL20 has cleared Wi-Fi Alliance. Hence, you can expect an imminent release of the handset. We expect that the upcoming phone could be dubbed as Honor.

The Wi-Fi Alliance certificate states that the firmware version of the proposed handset as Delhi-L42C900B007. We infer that the phone will be manufactured in India under Make in India initiative. Recently, Honor had opened a factory in Chennai to manufacture smartphones.

While the operating platform is specified as Android 7.0 Nougat, the phone will ship with hardware version HL1DLIM paired with certification ID WFA72293. The product name is mentioned as Smart Phone with frequency band 2.4GHz.

Huawei DLI-TL20

Even though we don’t have accurate information, the initial reports suggest the fact that DLI-TL20 denotes the arrival of the Huawei Honor 6X or Honor Holly 3 smartphone. However, the TL20 matches exactly with that of the model number of Huawei Honor 6 Plus (PE-TL20). You can also expect Indian version of the 6 Plus variant.

With the clearance of Wi-Fi Alliance, we can clearly confirm the fact that the handset with model number DLI-TL20 will hit the retail shelves within few days. The Wi-Fi certification is identical to that of the Bluetooth SIG and FCC certifications.

We don’t have any information about the features and specifications of the handset with the above-mentioned model number. However, we will continue to keep track of the developments. Stay tuned with NetAns.

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