Kalium Sound Heroes Announces Humanoid Shaped AD’OM Bluetooth Speaker

AD’OM Bluetooth Speaker

Update: The company Kalium Sound Heroes hasn’t yet fulfilled all the orders of the Humanoid Shaped AD’OM Bluetooth Speaker. We inspected the official Facebook Group and Indiegogo product page and tech-savvy enthusiasts who have purchased the product are commenting about the unforeseen delay. The company is reportedly selling the product via other sites outside Indiegogo as we saw from the Facebook group. We would suggest you to exercise caution against this company since the company hasn’t yet shipped all the orders dated two years back.

Kalium Labs LLC has announced the launch of AD’OM Bluetooth speaker with cutting edge features not found in any other competing handsets via Indiegogo. Designed in the polygonal humanoid shape, the AD’OM Bluetooth speaker is manufactured using metallic finish.

AD’OM Bluetooth speaker is equipped with 16 million color variations in LED lighting, a wireless charging dock for gadgets including a refillable built-in smoke machine based on water. Moreover, the speaker includes a Wi-Fi range extender paired with a subwoofer with eleven color choices and two different sizes.

As of this writing, the company has raised $200,691 from 1221 backers. The original goal was to achieve a target of $20000. Hence, the campaign has increased to 1003 percent. We expect the trend to increase since you have one month left for the campaign to end.

According to the company sources, the AD’OM Bluetooth speaker is polished manually during the polygonal design process alongside sharp edges. The speaker illuminates your room with 16-million color variations of ambient light. The smoke effect coupled with the ambient light technology perfectly syncs with the polygon shape of the Sound Heros speaker.


The AD’OM Bluetooth speaker is manufactured using ABS Plastic for decreased weight. Moreover, the speakers are enhanced with premium matte and metallic paints. The rear air vent is housed in such a way that it blends with the polygonal design with surround sound technology.

With the help of the speaker, you can charge your devices either via the integrated wireless charging or with the free adaptor included with the package.

Wireless charging

After setting the speakers and upon hitting the Play button, the multicolor RGB LED dock with 16-million color will take control of your room.


The integrated smoke machine capability is water-based and can be easily recharged. The Wi-Fi extender helps you to establish connectivity with 12 Sound Heros speaker.

Smoke machine

While the AD’OM Prime measures 45cm in height and 3kg in weight, the Premium model measures 72cm alongside 5.5 kilos. Moreover, the Prime model will be equipped with an 8000mAh battery and Premium ships with 10000mAh battery.

Kalium Sound Heros App

Kalium Sound Heros App will be refreshed well ahead of the shipping. You can use the app for interacting with the AD’OM Bluetooth speaker and will be able to perform a wide range of tasks. It is possible to use the app to configure your speaker as an alarm clock.

WiFi Extender

You can also modify the ways by which the speaker talks with the different voice synthesizer. You can unlock new features with the help of the Sound Hero game.

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Pricing and Availability

AD’OM Bluetooth speaker will be available in Prime and Premium models. The AD’OM Bluetooth prime speaker is currently available for $240. The Premium model helps you to experience the wireless charging and smoke effect.

The AD’OM Prime is currently listed at $120 for a limited time. Previously, the company offered the speaker for $100 and it has been sold out quickly.

The company also offers customized speakers by working in close connection with the customer. However, the slot is available only for five customers. You can also opt for a combination of Prime and Premium models including ordering in bulk quantities.

AD’OM Bluetooth speaker will start shipping from November 2017 in Heat Black, Toxic Green, Mistic Black, Deep Space Gray, Bordeaux, Electric Blue, Yellow, Military Green, Heat White, Toxic White and Hybrid Rose Gold color variants.

Source: indiegogo.com/projects/sound-heroes-bluetooth-speaker-of-the-future-music

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