Google Pixel 2 Development Will Have Manu Gulati’s Touch

Google Pixel

Manu Gulati has been given the task for the development of the next-generation Google Pixel smartphone. Gulati is currently serving as the lead SoC Architect for the search engine giant as per his LinkedIn profile. Gulati has a special expertise to design and manufacture chips for iPads and iPods and has been leading the department during his previous tenure with Apple.

With 15 Apple patents related to chipset design, Gulati played a pivotal role in the manufacture of chips for iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. He is also responsible for the development of the A4 and A9 chips infused with the 2010 iPad.

The main reason for the hiring of Gulati by Google is to manufacture processors without depending upon third-party companies. If you look at Apple, they have adopted in-house facility for the design and production of A-series chipsets. However, Google has a habit of outsourcing the chip making work to Intel or Qualcomm.

With only three months left for the launch of Google Pixel 2, we cannot expect in-house designed chips. However, you can expect Make in Google processor with the Google Pixel 3 expected to hit the retail shelves by around October 2018.

Google’s advantage is Apple’s blow. With the exit of leading expert, the Cupertino-based tech giant will have tough times since Gulati has filed a number of patents.

Meanwhile, popular manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei has already started the work to build processors within their facilities. It will reduce the cost burden to a large extent. Moreover, there will not be any supply chain problems.

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