Google Maps gets better with colored traffic prediction feature

Google Maps

Google has added a new traffic prediction feature to Google Maps to enable users to know about the best time to leave for a particular destination. However, the new traffic prediction feature is currently available for Google Maps on Android smartphones. The app displays the detailed analytics based on the existing and past traffic conditions of the road.

The main purpose of the new Google Maps feature is to predict the correct and accurate time to kick start a trip to a particular destination. The app makes use of the data captured based on the past conditions of the traffic conditions. It creates a formula based pattern of traffic flow at a place you would like to visit.

To work with this feature, you just need to provide the name of the destination in the search bar. In addition to the estimated time, the Google Maps app also displayed the distance coupled with a bar graph. Going forward, you can expect more improvements to the traffic prediction feature.

The graph dissects the current traffic conditions in yellow, green and red color. While the yellow denotes mild traffic, the green color means open traffic. However, the red color indicates heavy traffic conditions. If you see red color on the graph, it means there is a heavy traffic in that area. Interestingly, the graph also predicts accurate traffic conditions up to two hours ahead of your scheduled departure.

Even though the traffic prediction is a useful feature, it is no way an accurate measurement. It gives an indication regarding the exact nature of the roads. You can use it as a benchmark. If you are using an iOS device, you need to wait for few more days to get the app.

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