MGCOOL Wave Review: An Elegant And Stylish Bluetooth Earphone

MGCOOL Wave Unboxing

MGCOOL has been constantly reinventing the technology product lineup with a plethora of action cameras, audio accessories, wearables and much more. MGCOOL Wave is a powerful Bluetooth-enabled budget-friendly earphone, which helps you to listen to music and other entertainment stuff on the go without disturbing others. The earphone includes plenty of latest features using which you can enjoy trouble free listening experience. Does MGCOOL Wave really meet our expectations? Find it out by reading this review.


The MGCOOL Wave product package consists of the following items. The company has nicely packaged the earphone inside the traditional compact box.

  • MGCOOL Wave earphone
  • USB cable
  • Earplugs
  • User manual


The main highlight of the MGCOOL Wave is the integration of the CSR8635 chipset, CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology coupled with ergonomic design. Moreover, the earphone features IPX7 water-resistant capabilities paired with support for Bluetooth V4.1 and EDR. The earphone also promises long battery life, 1 to 2 connectivity features including GFSK modulation.


MGCOOL Wave also helps you to answer telephone calls and displays the remaining power. It also produces low power warning signal powered by a 100mAh battery. According to MGCOOL, the earphone is capable of delivering 5 to 7 hours of playback backup and takes 2 hours to charge completely.

MGCOOL has designed the Wave earphone not only to reduce power consumption but also to deliver healthy conversation via low radiation. The IPX7 rating ensures the earphone to withstand water, rain, and sweat. The integration of APT-X lossless audio technology enables you to enjoy premium entertainment experience with high-fidelity audio.

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MGCOOL Wave in Action

MGCOOL Wave is manufactured using high-quality materials coupled with high-precision top plastic injection molding technology. The unique surface treatment ensures the durability of the device for a long time.


To work with MGCOOL Wave, you need to open the product package and remove the earphone carefully. By default, the earphone ships in charged condition. Hence, we used the product without charging to test the functionality. You can switch on the earphone by pressing the long silver-colored button for three seconds. A red light followed by blue will glow. You can now wear MGCOOL Wave to sync with your smartphone or tablet.

Integration of voice commands

If you wear MGCOOL Wave and press the power button, you will hear a voice command. In the same way, you will also hear a voice message like Disconnected when you switch off the earphone without removing it. From our point of view, MGCOOL has gone one step ahead by integrating premium features with a budget-friendly handset.

MGCOOL Wave earphone Power button

To establish connectivity, you need to switch on the Bluetooth connection from the Settings section of your smartphone or tablet. Your device will automatically detect the MGCOOL Wave earphone. You will view the name under the devices section. Although the user manual states that you need to enter a code, we need not enter any password to work with MGCOOL Wave.

We activated YouTube and played a song from the blockbuster Mohanlal’s film Pulimurugan. Initially, we adjusted the earphone little bit until we felt comfortable. You will face little discomfort initially if you are wearing glasses. However, after some time, you will be used to it. We could hear the song clearly without any lags or distortion until we moved to another room.

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MGCOOL Wave earphone

You should note that the audio output from the device through which the music is being played will stop as soon as you sync with MGCOOL Wave. You have to switch off the earphone to activate the audio from your smartphone or any other portable device.

The MGCOOL Wave earphone worked perfectly when we are in the same room as the smartphone. It also worked when we moved onto the main hall and the second room. However, when we entered the third room the audio output was erratic and it stopped when we reached the end of the room. When we entered the hall again the audio started to play.

If you feel that the earphone is heavy with the default earplug, you can replace the plugs. You will find the plugs from the small plastic cover inside the package. If the earphone falls from your ear during listening, you can change to a suitable earplug as per your requirements.

MGCOOL Wave accessories

The user manual included with the MGCOOL Wave product package is very difficult to read since the content is given in small font. We would suggest the company to provide user manual with bigger font so that customers can easily read the content.


MGCOOL Wave is an excellent earphone, which looks not only premium but also affordable. You will be able to purchase the product at a discounted price from various e-commerce retailers such as Banggood and Gearbest. Even though there are minor problems, MGCOOL is all set make a huge leap in the highly competitive audio area with the launch of the Wave earphone. You will not be able to purchase any other Bluetooth-enabled earphone for a low price.

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The earphone will be suitable for listening on the go while you are traveling by train, bus, and car without causing disturbance to others. You can also use the earphone for calling purposes. The addition of three earplugs helps you to adapt the earphone as per your convenience. The integration of technologies such as CVC, GFSK, and APT-X helps you to enjoy world class audio experience. We would highly recommend MGCOOL Wave for all tech savvy enthusiasts who would like to go one step ahead in the competitive earphone market segment.











          User manual





              • Lightweight
              • Affordable
              • Three different earplugs
              • Simple to use
              • Excellent connectivity
              • Latest technologies
              • Low power consumption


              • User manual in small fonts
              • Product box tough to open initially

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