Vodafone #LookUp Movement Reveals How Real Relationships Is Winning Hearts

Vodafone Lookup movement
Source: Vodafone YouTube

Vodafone has launched a special #LookUp movement on the occasion of the Friendship’s Day on August 6. The company has launched a new #Lookup movement video, which encourages people to isolate their phones away and look up to have real meaningful conversations with real friends. The main purpose of the #Lookup video is to encourage friendship by having a mutual and positive conversation.

Nowadays, people are obsessed and addicted to their smartphones and are getting more dependent on their devices and the internet day by day. The end result is the eruption of a new phenomenon named phubbing, which has become rampant in our everyday lives. The term Phubbing is used to describe the habit of snubbing someone in favor of a smartphone. Even if the people are sitting across the table from someone, they will sneak into the smartphones even without their knowledge.

Responding to media queries, Hirol Gandhi, EVP Ogilvy India disclosed that relationships have moved from being warm and personal to being online and distant. It’s true that the Internet brings the world together. However, it is also making people grow more apart. To encourage relationships, the company is gearing up to take a relevant stand against Phubbing and request the younger generation to indulge in real conversations with each other.

Commenting on the development, Kiran Anthony, ECD Ogilvy India revealed that acute use of smartphones and social media penetration is erupting all over the country. According to a study conducted by Kantar, IMRB, and MMA, the feature phone consumption in India is growing at an aggressive pace with people spending approximately three hours a day with the phone. It’s becoming over four hours with smartphones.

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Vodafone lookup
Source: Vodafone YouTube

In response to a query about the Friendship Day film, he said that the company has taken the required step to showcase the youth and their relationship with the internet and social media. It also shows how the youth choose to ignore the connections that can be made offline while enhancing their connections online.

During the launch of the #LookUp video campaign, Siddharth Banerjee, EVP – Marketing, Vodafone India added that the movement surrounding Lookup is garnering huge response and applause. The campaign was launched around Valentine’s Day and also introduced on Father’s Day.

With over 50 million video views, 80000 conversations and 260,000 user engagements, the Lookup campaign is growing rapidly and will continue to inspire the youth in the coming days. The video also symbolizes the love of the people towards Vodafone.

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