Four Chuwi Hi-Dock Secrets You Never Knew

Chuwi Hi-Dock

Chuwi Hi-Dock, recently released by the company has been designed to meet your daily charging requirements. The Chuwi Hi-Dock will be useful if you have several smartphones, tablets, and other devices and you need to charge all of them in one go. The Hi-Dock ships with multiple ports using which you can charge the devices.

The main attraction of the Chuwi Hi-Dock is its ability to not only charge multiple devices but also serve as a docking port. Hence, it is possible to dock the smartphone and tablet while charging. There is no need to place the device on the floor. Furthermore, dust will not enter inside the four USB ports because you an easily close the port with the dock.

QC3.0 along with 5V/2.4A outputs

The Chuwi Hi-Dock make use of the Qualcomm QC3.0 technology and is also compatible with QC2.0/QC1.0. The output power of the orange port is 5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A, which is four times faster than traditional chargers. The output of the general USB ports is up to 5V/2.4A, which is less for most smartphones and tablets.

Chuwi Hi-Dock

AiCharge Technology

The Chuwi Hi-Dock is designed using the AiCharge technology, which is capable of detecting smartphones, tablets, power banks and digital cameras automatically. Moreover, it offers enhanced charging efficiency than the original charger included with the device.

Multiple Safeguard, Zero Damage

The Hi-Dock employs high-performance safeguard components, which not only offers suitable charging voltage but also multiple safeguards and zero damage during charging.

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Palm Size

The Hi-Dock looks identical to that of a mirror-like surface coupled with a delicate texture and anti-scratch protection. It is possible to easily carry the dock while traveling. With model W-100, the Chuwi Hi-Dock measures 147 grams.

If you would like to charge your devices or if the original charger packaged with the device doesn’t function as per the expectations, you should consider Chuwi Hi-Dock.

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