Touch Screen UI Comparison: MGCOOL Explorer 2C vs Gopro Hero 5 vs YI 4K vs SJ6 LEGEND

MGCOOL Explorer 2C

MGCOOL recently made a huge mark in the action camera segment with the launch of the MGCOOL Explorer 2C. The main attraction of the 4K-centric MGCOOL Explorer 2C is the integration of a 2-inch touch display coupled with the ability to capture 4K videos at 24fps.

MGCOOL has released a new video which examines the real functioning of the touch screen integrated with the camera. Moreover, the product team also compared the performance of the MGCOOL Explorer 2C touch display with Gopro Hero 5, YI 4K and SJ6 LEGEND.

To begin with, you will view a row with all the four cameras. The front and the rear side are clearly displayed. When it comes to the MGCOOL Explorer 2C, the menu is opened by touching an icon located on the top of the display.

The demo shows all the sides of the camera including the required buttons and ports such as HDMI. Do you want to view the video? Please read the complete story to watch the video.

The display shows 6 menu options such as video, slow motion, time-lapse record, video+photo, photo, and burst. If an option is selected, the relevant action occurs. You need not have to fiddle with physical navigation buttons.

As you can see, MGCOOL has integrated an ability to capture images while shooting videos. This functionality exists in the Explorer 1S and Explorer Pro as well but you have to press the Power button several times to activate a specific function. With MGCOOL Explorer 2C, you can perform the same task within one second. That’s the real beauty of the touch display.

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You will also learn the steps required to modify the resolution of images and videos by simply touching the relevant option. The video showcases the real-time working of all the menu options including the adjustment of shaking, diving mode, spot metering, and fish eye features.

In the video, the company has compared the touch interface with GoPro Hero 5, YI 4K and SJ6 Legend along with the new MGCOOL Explorer 2C. Check out the video below to explore the difference.

Isn’t it the user interface of MGCOOL Explorer 2C looks simple and easy to use? We are sure you will like the design of our camera as well. Please share your feedback.

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