Elephone S8 Images Shows Premium Lumia Back Design [Exclusive]

Elephone S8 will hit the retail shelves within the next few days. However, the company sources revealed few technological secrets they have adopted in the design of the lumia back. The lumia back design of the Elephone S7 garnered much attention among the tech enthusiasts around the world.

Although several manufacturers make use of the lumia back for the handset, many of them are made out of the plastic material. The lumia branding is basically used for sales and marketing purposes. Moreover, the lumia back design used by several companies are specially used to show brilliance and can be scratched easily.

In a statement released to the press, Elephone confirmed the use of the lumia back on the upcoming Elephone S8 smartphone with at least 8 different technologies. The product team has added additional glass materials to ensure that the lumia back cover doesn’t get damaged. The company sources added that Elephone S8 will be better than other competing smartphones on the market.

We have exclusive access to the images of the Elephone S8. The highlight of the upcoming phone is the addition of a red color variant. The images are revealed with special reference to the rear side. We can spot the rear camera alongside the logo of the company.

Elephone S8
Source: Elephone

The second image shows the Blue color variant of the Elephone S8 in a particular angle. The image clearly showcases the shiny lumia back surface with the sun streaming from the middle of the camera. The phone also includes an LED Flash adjacent to the camera sensor.

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Elephone S8
Source: Elephone

The third image also shows the Blue color but with a slightly different angle. As you can see from the below image, it is possible to identify both the dark and the sun streamed surface.

Elephone S8 Blue curved
Source: Elephone

As you can observe from the above images, the rear side of the Elephone S8 is tough, durable and smooth. Furthermore, the glass back of the S8 phone can also protect the battery. The cover plate of the Elephone S8 has a simple design. However, the technology used is not simple. The company added that they have increased the materials and process on the new lumia back. The end result is the safer and beautiful smartphone.

Do you think the company has done a great job in the design of the Elephone S8? Please share your opinion.

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