Android O Release Expected On August 21

Android O
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Google is gearing up to launch the next edition of the popular mobile computing platform Android. Touted to be the successor to Android Nougat, the upcoming Android O will ship with significant improvements and bugfixes.

David Ruddock‏ aka @RDR0b11 took to Twitter and revealed that the Android O update for Pixel has been pushed back tagged with surprise. He also disclosed that no estimated time frame for the launch has been specified. Ruddock currently serves as managing editor of Android Police, which happens to be the number one portal for Android news and reviews.

There was a rumor that the release of the Android O will happen the week of August 18. According to sources as reported by The Android Soul, the search engine giant has pushed the release date to August 21. We don’t have any information about the reason for the delay in the launch of the new Android O. It looks like Google needs more time to refine the user interface and also to optimize the platform.

Even though there are several rumors about the name given to the billion dollar “O” in Android O, the company is working towards providing a name on the solar eclipse date on August 21. We have sen several names floating around the web such as Oreo and Octopus. It has been confirmed by multiple tech news sources that the release of the Android O will not happen before August 21.

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Google has so far released four developer preview editions of Android O for Nexus and Pixel handsets. Some of the rumored features of Android O are refreshed settings dashboard, snooze notifications, a new range of emojis including the availability of app badges.

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