Android O To Ship With In-band Ringtones Support

Android O
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Google is gearing up to launch the next-generation Android O. Based on the latest reports, the next version of the flagship Android platform is expected to launch on August 21 after an initial delay.

Nowadays, Bluetooth functionality is used by many people to establish connectivity with speakers and earphones. The upcoming Android O will have an update for the Bluetooth functionality, which will enable you to view the battery level and status of accessories from within the smartphone.

Android O

With regard to Bluetooth headsets, the new Android platform will provide support for in-band ringtones. It will help the connected Bluetooth headset to play the specific ringtone set on the phone. For example, it is possible to specify a ringtone for the Bluetooth-enabled headset and it will be played when you wear the headset or earphone.

According to GSMArenea, the search-engine giant has started to work on the new features nearly one year back. These features exist for the iOS platform for a very long time. Hence, the introduction of the new capabilities in the Android O is seen as a step in right direction. We wonder why Google took very long time to implement the functionality.

Meanwhile, the Android O also provides support for Sony LDAC capable of streaming music up to 990Kbps with premium quality surround sounding technology.

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