Chuwi LapBook Air With Thin Profile Expected To Launch Soon

Chuwi LapBook Air With Thin Profile Expected To Launch Soon

Chuwi is gearing up to launch LapBook Air. Touted as the thinnest ever laptop, the LapBook Air looks identical to that of the MacBook except for the official logo of Chuwi. The company sources revealed to us that the LapBook Air will look not only thin but also light to hold in hand without any abnormal pain.

Chuwi has integrated backlight on the logo and it looks very smooth and quiet. The LapBook Air ships with a backlight keyboard using which you can play at night without any worries. The laptop will measure 6mm thickness, which is regarded as the size of a magazine. Hence, we infer that the LapBook Air will be next generation thinnest laptop.

We have exclusive access to the two images of the upcoming Chuwi LapBook Air. We can spot two USB 3 ports on the right side and a headphone port. The front finish looks excellent with the smooth finish.

Chuwi LapBook Air

The display is loaded with Windows 10 and it looks vibrant. The keyboard base looks very thin, especially in the palm rest area. The laptop will be an ideal companion for travelers and professionals who are on the go.

Designed with full-metal unibody, the Chuwi LapBook Air will be equipped with a 14.1-inch display. The matte design provides an elegant look and feel in a sleek and comfortable ratio.

The users will be able to experience the premium look and feel similar to that of the MacBook and Surface Laptop. Moreover, the LapBook Air features a large screen-to-body ratio due to the close-to-zero bezel fully laminated display. The panel is manufactured in such a way to deliver detailed and vibrant visuals.

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