7 Reasons To Look Forward To ELE OS 1.0

ELE OS 1.0 Wallpaper

Elephone has started close test activity of ELE OS 1.0. The company revealed to us that they received a huge response to the ELE OS 1.0 testing activity from Elephone P8 Mini users around the world. We have exclusive access to several features that will be included with the upcoming ELE OS 1.0.

Customized Interface

With ELE OS 1.0, the company has provides 50 wallpapers comprising of both widescreen and portrait modes including the ability to customize images. It is also possible to pick from a huge range of icon and font options.

The convenient parts of Android 7.0

Elephone has retained the core modules and functions of the original Android 7.0 Nougat. However, the product team has adjusted the features by providing them with an enhanced interface.


It is possible to slide to right side quickly from the Settings menu. You will view several other interesting options including refreshed icons.

ELE OS 1.0 Settings

User switch

By working with user switch mode, you can change the display to the guest user mode. Hence, if your girlfriend asks you to see your smartphone after seeing the real beauty of the P8 Mini, you can modify to guest user mode.

ELE OS 1.0 Services

The Calculator

In ELE OS 1.0, you will find the refined Calculator interface. You can easily slide to the left to clean up and slide to the right side to view the past history.

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ELE OS 1.0 Calculator History

Eyes protect mode

With ELE OS 1.0, your reading experience will be an ultimate pleasure since you can activate the eyes protect mode while reading e-books and during extended chatting sessions. The company said that the interface has been developed in a smooth manner and you will not feel tired even after continuous reading.

ELE OS 1.0 Eyecare mode

One-click clear up

The main purpose of this function is to clear up the multiple tasks by clicking the button on the desk interface. If you work with the feature, you will see it very convenient and quick.


You need not have to download third-party apps for working with the calendar. The integrated calendar app including with ELE OS is beautiful and easy to use.

ELE OS 1.0 Calendar

It features multiple modes using which you can record daily tasks. Moreover, the new Calendar tool is a perfect companion for working professionals.

In a statement released to the press, the Elephone said that they will reveal more new functionalities within the next few days. The aim of the company is to give prime focus on user experience. The close test activity of ELE OS 1.0 is in progress and users have started to provide feedback. If you have access to the Elephone P8 Mini, you just need to flash the device to test drive the new ELE OS 1.0.

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