VisualSonic Wall Mountable Speaker System Combines Music With Art


Digital Oasis Limited has announced VisualSonic speaker system, which is a combination of world-class art alongside music at $97 per unit. With just 25mm in size, the VisualSonic is regarded as the world’s thinnest Bluetooth-enabled music device and it looks like a stunning wall piece. Moreover, the VisualSonic speaker is capable of delivering impressive high fidelity sound quality with a blend of modern art coupled with the latest digital sound technology.

The VisualSonic makes use of the Bluetooth 4.0 codec technology paired with patented resonance panel speaker. It is capable of dispersing big and high fidelity stereo audio across the whole room.

The manufacturer has applied True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Bluetooth technology onto the VisualSonic speaker. The purpose of this new technology is to produce the stereo quality sound via two units synchronizing at the same time. It is possible to mount the VisualSonic digital speaker either on the wall or on the ground. The unit also includes resonance sound system comprising of a sound vibrator, sound panel and picture panel.

VisualSonic Technology

The speaker can be easily affixed to the wall since it is only 25mm thick. The powerful 10000mAh rechargeable battery integrated into the VisualSonic speaker is capable of delivering 6 hours of music playback upon recharge of three hours. You can charge VisualSonic via 5V 2A USB charging cable, which is included with the product package.

VisualSonic Battery

According to company sources, they have hired several artists from across the world to incorporate a wide range of modern paintings. The product is being designed in such a way that it suits home decor or personality. With a weight of 2kg, you can easily move the VisualSonic unit between various rooms, tables including outdoors.

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VisualSonic Dimensions

VisualSonic can be connected with any Bluetooth-enabled device such as smartphone, tablet or laptop located up to around 10 meters. The unit doesn’t employ any cables or wires and hence your work space will be neat and efficient.

The VisualSonic will be a great gadget for all tech enthusiasts who would experience home theater sound quality without any mess of cables and wires. Moreover, the artwork clearly complements to your living room. You need not have to face the traditional Black colored Bluetooth speakers.

VisualSonic Specifications

The company is gearing up to launch the VisualSonic speaker with several artwork designs such as abstract, graffiti, vector, retro design, illustration, watercolor painting, inspiration quote arts, pop art, conceptual art, and typography. The company will conduct a survey among all the backers to find out the perfect combination of artwork.

VisualSonic is exclusively available for pre-order on Kickstarter at $97, which gives you a discount of 51% off the retail price. You can also order one speaker and picture frame for $123. If you would like to add one more picture frame, you need to pay $173. The company is providing several pricing packages to suit the taste of tech geeks.

Do you want to experience the real look and feel of the VisualSonic speaker? Check out a short demo below.

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