Elephone S7 With Helio X25 Processor Announced

Elephone S7 Helio X25

Elephone has announced the arrival of the much-awaited Helio X25 variant of the Elephone S7 smartphone. The company revealed that higher the clock speed, the stronger the performance. The new processor is designed to deliver great speed without sacrificing power consumption. The phone will not overheat even if used for an extended duration because of the latest manufacturing process.

The handset will be able to work without any lags if the clock speed is higher. Moreover, it is possible to play games or watch movies without any shutter if the Elephone S7 is integrated with a powerful and strong processor. The handset will be able to control the overall power consumption as well.

According to Elephone, the demand for a smartphone with strong performance has assumed significance. The company added that a particular ship is popular during the first half of the year, while the second half offers strong processors.

The main reason for the huge popularity of the Elephone S7 is attributed to the design, perfect appearance coupled with premium configuration. Based on the latest technological trends, the Elephone S7 will be available in Helio X25 processor.
The company sources disclosed that the product team will change the Helio X20-based smartphone to Helio X25 to offer an enhanced user experience. After the integration of the Helio X25 processor, the performance of the Elephone S7 will improve significantly.

It is to be noted that the clock speed of the Helio X25 is higher than X20 and can crank up to 2.5GHz. When it comes to the graphics, the chipset can run up to 850MHz to deliver an awesome smooth gaming experience.

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The company confirmed to us that the new variant of the Elephone S7 will be capable of delivering not only improved but also smooth performance. That said, the price of the Helio X25-enabled Elephone S7 will also be attractive to satisfy the requirements of budget users.

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