Motorola expected to launch a smartphone with self-healing screen

LG G Flex 2
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Motorola is gearing up to launch a new smartphone with a self-healing screen display technology. The main purpose of the screen is to automatically fix scratches on the display. The relevant patent filing was first discovered by SlashGear.

According to the data obtained from the patent filing, the Lenovo-owned Motorola has exclusively designed a self-healing technology, which is capable of detecting the crack in the display. The user will be notified when the problem is resolved by the self-healing mechanism.

The process works by application of the heat to the glass to enable them to repair advanced cuts and scratches. The patent listing claims that the new technology should not be considered as a perfect and reliable solution. Even though the screen is a delicate material, users have to either replace the display or buy a new smartphone.

Nowadays, manufacturers demand huge cost for display panels even if the device is under the guarantee period. When the new self-healing technology becomes a reality, users can themselves repair the screen without approaching a service center. It remains to be seen as to how the entire process works out.

Previously, LG G Flex 2 was also launched with self-repairing capabilities. The company claimed that the phone is capable of repairing cuts and scratches in less than 24 hours.

In April 2017, Business Insider reported that the scientists at the University of California created a new material that can be applied to a self-healing handset. It consists of a polymer, which can stretch up to 50 times its original size.

It is to be noted that a self-healing material will be able to stitch automatically within 24 hours similar to that of a human skin. According to reports, the new material will be integrated into smartphones from 2020.

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