Elephone S8 Massive Storage Expansion Capability Confirmed

Elephone S8

Elephone S8 will be a reality soon with the capability for a massive storage expansion. Moreover, the upcoming smartphone will integrate an impossible feature, which is not available with any competing handsets.

In a statement released to the press, the company sources revealed to us that the Elephone S8 will be capable of extending the storage up to 512GB. Hence, you will be able to shoot plenty of videos with a 512GB microSD card. The Elephone S8 will be more or less like a Doraemon’s pocket.

With Elephone S8, you need not have to worry about the shortage of storage space. You can carry the handset to vacations and capture stunning images and videos without worrying about the lack of storage. There will be no need to delete any existing files to accommodate the new files.

Elephone S8 will feature a tri-bezel less smartphone, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage with the capability to expand the storage up to 512GB. According to official sources, the phone will be able to support more than 70000 songs, 856 HD movies, and 1000HD Television shows. The addition of 512GB storage expansion will set new benchmarks in the smartphone segment.

Meanwhile, the 2K display of S8 model of Elephone will be able to provide an enhanced user experience. Moreover, the phone will be integrated with a 21MP rear camera coupled with an 8MP front camera. The camera app will be equipped with a new software, which will be optimized to add filters to enhance the look of the images in such a way that it looks professional.

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Please share your suggestions about the massive storage expansion of the Elephone S8 smartphone.

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